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Learning Resources Gear Clock, 4 Inch, Set of 6
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113 Reviews
Product Highlights
  • An engaging clock that teaches kids how to tell time through hands-on learning and experimentation
  • Encourage basic math development as children add and subtract hours
  • Hidden gears maintain correct hour and minute relationships as you demonstrate time-telling concepts
  • Color-coded hour (red) and minute (blue) hands

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Telling Time Teaching Clock. Kids Room, Playroom Décor Analog Silent Wall Clock. Great Visual Learning Clock Time Resource. Perfect Educational Tool for Homeschool, Classroom, Teachers and Parents.
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237 Reviews
Product Highlights
  • YOUR KIDS LEARN THE TIME with our specially designed analog kids wall clock that lets them see what time it is using colored numbers. With each quarter broken down into a specific color, it's easier than ever for your kids to remember and retain where each minute is. Telling time on our timepiece is easy and fun and teaching children is a breeze thanks to helpful references like "o'clock," "quarter past," "half past," and "quarter to."
  • YOUR CHILD GETS ALL THE INFORMATION THEY NEED on our educational clock. For kids to learn time efficiently our design had to be easy to understand, labeling each quarter with a different color would provide an easy way for your child or toddler to quickly create an association between the numbers and where they are. Each hand is also labeled in order to avoid any possible confusion, every minute is represented on the clock, meaning your child will always be able to see the exact time.
  • SIMPLY DESIGNED FOR EASY TEACHING. At Owlconic we designed the clock to help when we were teaching our own child to learn how to read time. She was unable to learn the time using any other time clocks for kids, so we knew we had to create one that was simpler while still being educational. Our child was able to learn to read time thanks to this design, and we wanted to share it with other parents whose kids were learning time.
  • WE EVEN MADE IT SAFE & EASY TO CARE FOR! With easy to find AA batteries being the power source, it's easy to keep this educational clock in working order. Our children's clock is also easy to clean, with a safe clear acrylic face that allows you to quickly and efficiently wipe off any gathered dust. Made from good quality non-toxic plastic, with lead free paint. A lightweight clock that can be placed anywhere, from a classroom's wall to just above a kid's nightstand in their room.

$25.07 $24.47
Learn How to Tell Time Teaching Clock - Large 12' Classroom Demonstration Night and Day Learning Clock
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69 Reviews
Product Highlights
  • How To: The hands of the Teachers Choice Demonstration clock move in sync. This means, moving the minute will turn the other hand as well. In addition hands can also be moved by turning the knob on the back of the clock.
  • Large Demonstration Clock: The Teachers Choice Clock is for learning the concept of telling time and demonstration teaching purposes only. This isn't a clock that you would use in your home, office, or business.
  • Dimensions: Clock measures 12 Inches in diameter. Includes stand so it can rest on a desk as well as a wall mounting slot.
  • Teaching Aid: When creating the Teachers Choice Demonstration Clock we wanted it to be the best teaching clock on the market. We made this possible in two ways. Our demonstration clock is one of the largest on the market with vibrant colors and pictures to help teachers and parents keep their young learners engaged. When the minute hand is moved, the hour hand will move seamlessly without lag. In addition, batteries aren't required with this product.

BEST LEARNING Learning Clock - Educational Talking Learn to Tell Time Light-Up Toy with Quiz and Sleep Mode Lullaby Music for Toddlers Kids
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182 Reviews
Product Highlights
  • The smartest interactive talking clock toy to engage youngsters on how to read the clock.
  • Simply turn the hour and minute hands as it reads out the time; In Quiz Mode its interactivity is essential to keep children absorbed.
  • Put your child to bed with Sleep Mode as it plays 10 classical music and acts as a night light with 12 options and a timer up to 60 minutes.
  • Skills learned include time, numbers, music, logical thinking, motor functions, concentration, dexterity and memory.

Learning Resources Time Activity Set, Analog Clock, Tactile Learning, 41 Pieces, Ages 5+
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63 Reviews
Product Highlights
  • An engaging and easy way to help little ones learn about time
  • A hands-on activity kit that turns learning into a game
  • Includes 41 kid-friendly pieces, including a clock, cards, dice, and more
  • Perfect for ages 5 and up

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Color-Coded Judy Clock
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85 Reviews
Product Highlights
  • A favorite among students and teachers, the Judy Clock makes learning to tell time simple and fun for children.
  • Corresponding colored hands makes it easier to teach time to the hour and to the minute. The hour hand matches red hour numerals, and the minute hand matches blue minute tick marks.
  • Easy to read numerals show elapsed time in five-minute intervals.
  • Visible functioning gears maintain correct-hour hand and minute-hand relationships.

$25.99 $23.91
Learning Resources Big Time Learning Clock, 12 Hour, Basic Math Development, Ages 5+
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125 Reviews
Product Highlights
  • Encourage basic math development as children add and subtract hours
  • Hidden gears maintain correct hour and minute relationships as you demonstrate time-telling concepts
  • Easy-to-read hour and minute markings and color-coded hands help children identify time by hour, 5 minute, and 1 minute increments
  • Clock measures 13 1/4"

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Learning Resources Write & Wipe Clocks Classroom Set, Laminated Dry-Erase, Teaching Aids, Set of 25, Ages 6+
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20 Reviews
Product Highlights
  • Teach time-telling with individual write-on, wipe-off clocks
  • Helps students learn to tell analog and digital time
  • Supports academic state standards for telling time
  • Set includes demonstration clock and 24 student clocks

$33.49 $21.38
Educational Teaching Clock | Large Demonstration Learning Time Clock with Erasable Writing Surface to Teach Time
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197 Reviews
Product Highlights
  • Help your young learner develop a solid academic foundation with the Teachers Choice Educational Learning Clock.
  • Analog & Digital Mode: Use the plastic hands to teach Analog Time and use the included marker to write digital time on the white surface
  • Features: Large writing surface makes it easy to visually teach children how to read digital time. In addition the clock is mountable, perfect for classrooms.
  • Great Educational Tool for ages 5 years and above.

Learning Resources Big Time Student Clock, 12 Hour
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354 Reviews
Product Highlights
  • Hidden gear mechanism automatically advances the hour hand when the minute hand is manually manipulated
  • Help students learn to tell time with this easy-to-read 12-hour clock
  • Minute hand can be moved in 1-minute increments
  • Includes removable stand, and activity guide


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