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Kaytee Fiesta Hamster And Gerbil Food, 4.5-Lb Bag
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263 Reviews
Product Highlights
  • Shapes And Textures Support Dental Health Through Natural Chewing Activity
  • Prebiotics And Probiotics To Support Digestive Health
  • Assorted Fruits And Veggies For Added Enrichment And Variety
  • Rich In Natural Antioxidants For General Health & Immune Support

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Oxbow Animal Health Hamster And Gerbil Fortified Food, 1-Pound
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353 Reviews
Product Highlights
  • Contains 1- 1Lb Bag
  • Made With Hand Selected Timothy Hay
  • No Artificial Ingredients

Supreme Tiny Friends Farm Hazel Hamster Tasty Mix 2lbs
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203 Reviews
Product Highlights
  • A Nutritionally Balanced, Tasty Mix For Hamsters
  • Promotes Natural Foraging
  • Best Ever Taste - No Added Sugar
  • Added Vitamins For Health & Vitality

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Wild Harvest Hamster And Gerbil Advanced Nutrition Diet, 4-Pound
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79 Reviews
Product Highlights
  • Advanced Diet For Hamsters And Gerbils
  • Fruit Amp Formula
  • Flax Seed For Optimum Nutrition

Food from The Wild Hamster
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Product Highlights
  • Species specific daily diet inspired by ancestral feeding habits
  • Premium pellets with a medley of rose hip, marigold, sweet potato, and timothy hay
  • No added sugar, fillers, or artificial preservatives
  • Natural foraging ingredients for variety and enrichment

$9.99 $7.99
Hartz Bonanza Health & Vitality Blend Hamster & Gerbil Food - 4Lb
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190 Reviews
Product Highlights
  • Specifically Formulated To Meet The Nutritional Needs And Food Preferences Of Hamsters And Gerbils
  • Includes 4 Pounds Of A Nutritious Fruit And Vegetable Blend In Resealable Packaging To Protect The Freshness And Flavor Of Your Pet'S Food; The Zip-Pak Slider Makes Pouring And Sealing A Cinch.
  • Nutritious Ingredients Include: Papaya, Banana, Peas, Corn Plus Seeds And Pellets Fortified With Vitamins And Minerals
  • Hard Pellets To Keep Teeth Fit And Satisfies Your Pet'S Need To Chew

Higgins Sunburst Gourmet Food Mix For Hamsters And Gerbils
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Product Highlights
  • Naturally Preserved
  • Enriched With Dha
  • Digestive Probiotics
  • Natural Colors

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Vitakraft Vitasmart Hamster Food - High Diversity Formula, 2 Lb.
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71 Reviews
Product Highlights
  • Offers A Diverse Blend Of Foods To Help Meet Your Hamster'S Needs.
  • High Levels Of Vitamins C And E To Meet The Dietary Needs Of Your Hamster.
  • Provides Complete And Balanced Daily Nutrition.
  • Packed Full Of Essential Fatty Acids And Omegas To Help Support A Healthy Diet.

Wild Harvest Wh-83543 Wild Harvest Advanced Nutrition Diet For Hamsters Or Gerbils, 4.5-Pound
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90 Reviews
Product Highlights
  • Advanced Nutrition Diets In Flip Top Containers
  • More Convenient Than Screw Top Containers
  • IMPORTANT VARIETY: Unique mix of ingredients create an irresistible blend to replicate diets found in a natural habitat and encourage foraging behaviors.
  • Less Mess Than Using Bags

Oxbow Garden Select Fortified Food for Hamsters and Gerbils (1.5 pound - 2 Pack)
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7 Reviews
Product Highlights
  • Non-GMO formula
  • Contains unique, high-quality garden ingredients that mimic those found in your pet's natural foraging environment
  • Features three varieties of grass hay to support variety & meal enrichment
  • Uniform, complete, balanced formula


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