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Wener Car Dent Repair Puller Kit T-Bar Tool Special Application Pullers,Jaw Pullers for DIY Automobile Body Hail Damage Removal Puller Sets (Silver)
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Product Highlights
  • PROFESSIONAL DESIGN: The T-bar dent puller is made of tempered high-carbon stainless steel and standard stainless steel.Using the principle of leverage to design the dent puller is ergonomic, the efficient and labor.
  • 2 IN 1 SLIDE-HAMMER T-BAR TOOL: Long T dent puller tool is a labor-saving pulling mode via slide hammer hit to repair dents of all sizes with perfect effect and high efficiency. Short T tool is a strenuous pulling mode which repairs the dents of all sizes by your own strength, the effect is simple and quick.
  • SAFE& WARRANTY: Dent pullers tabs won't damage at the vehicle original paint. (100 W) glue gun built-in fuse and makes it safer. all material without chemicals or toxic material.
  • EASY to OPERATION: Most of the dent remover can be finished in half hour, it can save your much money and time, in addition, the auto body dent repair set can be used unlimited time. the painless dent repair kit is great for any person to operate, even the girl can easily repair.(TIP:this tool not suitable for corners or creases)

OTC OTC32937 Hub Puller Leg (for Otc7394)
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Product Highlights
  • Easily removes damper pulleys. Fits into tight engine compartments, no need to remove radiator
  • Specially designed jaw tips fit small puller Pockets found on the back of the pulley
  • This product is manufactured in United States

PLEASE READ ALL - 38mm M38 Special Puller to remove your Flywheel Rotor Stator Alternator Kawasaki Ninja ZX6R ZX9R ZX10R ZX-10R and more ZX ZR Models
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Product Highlights
  • 38mm Special Puller to remove your Flywheel Magneto Rotor Generator Alternator Dynamo Stator Fly Wheel Service. This is a 38mm puller. If you have no idea what size tool you need, please do your research prior to purchase.
  • Items that show evidence of being used are not returnable (unless they failed/broke under competent use.) If you return an item that was clearly used (yet you state item was not "needed" or "accidentally purchased") you will not receive a full refund. So before you try to work the "system" and get a free "item rental," note this policy.
  • Make sure you measure the threads of your flywheel where this tool needs to screw on. This is a 38mm ID tool. If the hole on your flywheel where this tool needs to fit is not close to 38mm this is not the tool for your application.
  • Follow your service manual for best results. If you have no idea how to remove a flywheel, please take your machine to a qualified mechanic. Flywheel removal is sometimes a NASTY ordeal.

OTC Tools & Equipment Cam Gear Puller (OTC-ZTSE4411)
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Product Highlights
  • OTC Tools & Equipment Cam Gear Puller (OTC-ZTSE4411)

OTC 7588A Caster/Camber Sleeve Puller for Ford 4WD
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Product Highlights
  • Rusted or seized bushings are no match for this puller
  • Easily pulls most aftermarket and OEM bushings on Ford 4WD vehicles
  • Only tool that works on any angle OEM bushing removing it quickly and without damage
  • Puller comes with adapters to pull most aftermarket bushings having removable retaining rings

OTC Tools & Equipment Cylinder Liner Puller (OTC-J-45876)
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Product Highlights
  • OTC Tools & Equipment Cylinder Liner Puller (OTC-J-45876)

Tiger Tool Haldex Multi Adjustable Slack Adjuster Puller 10410
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Product Highlights
  • Eliminates dangerous hammering and cutting torch methods.
  • Can be used with up to a 1/2" impact tool.
  • Simple to slip on for instant results.

OTC (1184) Cone Type Puller
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Product Highlights
  • Reversible jaws permit handling of both internal and external pulling jobs
  • The 2-way/3-way head permits assembly of puller to suit the job at hand
  • Turning the cone on the puller head securely locks its jaws on the part to be removed
  • Puller has a reach of 2-7/8 inch

OTC 6930 Flange Type Puller
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Product Highlights
  • Heavy-duty flange puller features a live center forcing screw
  • Includes two live center forcing screw tips and two sets of commonly used automotive bolts
  • Puller will work on bolt circles from 1-1/2 to 4-1/4"
  • Lifetime limited warranty

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Yanker Tool LLC XHD (Extra Heavy Duty) Fifth Wheel Pin or Release Puller
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Product Highlights
  • For driver convenience and SAFETY
  • 36.5’’ length, 1/2’’ steel stock, Extremely Capeable, Durable, chrome plated
  • Big triangular handle, use both hands, insert a bar for extreme torque leverage
  • Works well with other fifth wheels


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