These are the top 10 bestselling sterilization solutions currently available for purchase.

ETL Solutions Professional Strength Medical Freeze Spray, Cools Down to -65°F in Seconds, 10oz (283ml)
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38 Reviews
Product Highlights
  • ETL Solutions 10oz Professional Grade Freeze Spray Solution. Manufactured in USA
  • At -65°F one of the coldest available Medical Freeze Sprays used in various applications.
  • Choose the brand medical professionals recommend!
  • Medical Freeze sprays are an economic solution to expensive liquid nitrogen based products.

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12% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide 32oz ~ 4 Times Stronger Than Similar Cleaning Products 3 Times Safer Than 35 Percent HP - Diet Health Solutions ~ Sanitize & Deodorize Multi-Purpose Natural Oxidizer
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9 Reviews
Product Highlights
  • Freshen and deodorizing home while increasing oxygen levels; enhancing cognition, mood and attitude by liberally spraying on filter for air intake while AC unit in home or office is running.
  • 12% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide reduced from 35% for a safer alternative dietary supplement-
  • So Clean cuts and scrapes: use in hair, throat or soak in a bath. On counters, surfaces, kitchen, laundry, and bathroom. For stains, carpets, windows and mirrors
  • Activated oxygen First Aid, Treat Minor Cuts, Sanitize and Deodorize Kitchen, Bathrooms, cars

Kimberly Clark Professional 770301 Key FOR Dispenser Universal Ea
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14 Reviews
Product Highlights
  • Picture may be different from product-ask if your not sure
  • Kimberly Clark Professional 770301 Key f/Dispenser Universal Ea

Propper Manufacturing 26410300 Sterilization Indicator Strip, 8' Length (Pack of 250)
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2 Reviews
Product Highlights
  • The indicator dot printed on the distal end of the 8" strip permits a secure sterile presentation
  • Only if this dot is dark may sterile personnel handle the strip and the package contents
  • Pack of 250
  • Unit Count Type is Indicator Strip

Metrex Cavicide 1 Gallon Bottle
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15 Reviews
Product Highlights
  • It has a 1 minute kill time and a 1 step cleaning and disinfecting
  • There is no dilution required
  • Part Number: 13-5000

Propper Manufacturing 26900825 Vapor Line Steam Sterilization Integrator with Extender (Pack of 250)
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Product Highlights
  • The integrator is designed to show equivalence in performance to biological indicators
  • During sterilization, the dark colored bar migrates along a paper wick through PASS and FAIL areas, indicating whether the sterilization conditions were met
  • The PASS result assures that conditions in the sterilized pack were sufficient to kill even the most resistant forms of microorganisms plus an "overkill period" - a safety zone beyond the spore death curve for an additional level of sterilization security

Propper Manufacturing 26510100 Strate-Line Sterilization Indicator Strip (Pack of 250)
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Product Highlights
  • It uses the same reactive ink as the OK strip
  • The correct endpoint is indicated when the entire length of the strip changes uniformly black
  • Non-uniformity of color is easily observed

Tincture of Green Soap By Dynarex
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Product Highlights
  • Green Soap is used before, during and after a tattoo procedure
  • This is a first aid product that is also great for cleaning your tattoo instruments and apparatus before sterilization
  • Tincture of Green Soap is excellent when diluted with water for skin prep and also for stencil application
  • Pleasant aromas

PDI Healthcare P54072 Sani-Cloth Bleach Germicidal Disposable Wipe, 6' Width, 10.5' Length (Pack of 75)
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Product Highlights
  • Multi-count canister accommodates frequent usage
  • Cleans and disinfects in one step
  • Pre-moistened wipes are ready to use

$17.64 $17.60
Sure-Check Sterilization Strips w/ Class 4 Indicators (100)
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Product Highlights
  • Sure-Check Sterilization Strips w/ Class 4 Indicators (100)


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