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Guardian Fall Protection 11200 IS-72 6-Foot Internal Shock Lanyard with snap hooks
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138 Reviews
Product Highlights
  • Made with a heavy duty outer polyester webbing and a polyester core specially sewn in to reduce impact forces
  • Lightweight
  • A Guardian Fall Product
  • 6 feet in length

$37.91 $32.85
Guardian Fall Protection 10900 11-Foot 1-Inch Nylon Webbing with Carabineer
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49 Reviews
Product Highlights
  • Dependable performance. Worker Capacity Range: 130-310 pounds
  • No recertification required, considered a disposable unit
  • Meets or exceeds all applicable industry standards including OSHA and ANSI
  • 11 feet of 1-Inch nylon web

$126.58 $120.12
BearTOOL Tool Lanyard with Aluminum Screw Lock Carabiner and Adjustable Loop End, Standard Length, Maximum Weight Limit 8KG / 17.6lb, Fall Restraint with Shock Cord Stopper, 3 Combo Pack (Black 0923S)
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28 Reviews
Product Highlights
  • SCREW LOCKING CARABINER: With the upgraded twist lock double action carabiner you can ensure that there will be no accidental release when in use. However it can be easily released with one hand even when wearing gloves. The reinforced aluminium tube has properties to secure and resist 8KG of weight.
  • REINFORCED ANTI SLIP ELASTIC WEBBING: The lanyard is made from a hard wearing webbing that ensures that it is suitable for the harshest environments whilst maintaining maximum grip. The coated nylon webbing is tough but flexible reducing stretch resistance.
  • ELASTICATED WEATHERPROOF CONNECTION: The loop end of the lanyard connects directly to a tether point on a tool, either through a captive handle or manufactured eye on any tool. Length is critical and this lanyard can be used off a fixed anchor point whilst still allowing free movement.
  • HI-VISIBILITY REFLECTIVE STITCHING: With the new reflective stitching you can stay safe throughout the night and in dark areas. The double cross stitch at either end of the lanyard will ensure maximum safety and reduces any wear to the tether.

$89.99 $21.99
Made in the USA SALE! US-15-TL, 3 Pack Tool Leash, 15 lb Working Limit, Single Carabiner Tool Lanyard. Designed, Tested and Built in the USA. American Pride! American Quality!
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78 Reviews
Product Highlights
  • Designed, Tested and Made in the USA, (Hardware imported, we wish we could get it here to)
  • Tested to two times the working rate limit for your and others safety. (see test reports)
  • 33" long with 24" of very light force elongation minimizes pulling on your tool when reaching out.
  • Produced in the USA with strict quality programs in place for your piece of mind

KwikSafety (Charlotte, NC) RATTLER 1 PACK (Internal Shock Absorber) Single Leg 6ft Safety Lanyard, Tool Lanyard OSHA ANSI Fall Protection Equipment Snap Hooks Construction Arborist Roofing
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44 Reviews
Product Highlights
  • WHO - "We Don't Cut Corners on Safety" | The KwikSafety RATTLER is a single leg, heavy duty, high performance safety lanyard that meets and exceeds ANSI Z359.13-2013 standards. Be seen and be safe with the fluorescent yellow polyester webbing. Use with compatible fall protection safety harness, free fall (FF) lanyards, energy absorbers, lifelines, and anchorage lanyards.
  • WHAT - "All the Safety Bells and Whistles" | The self-locking snap hooks meet ANSI Z359.12 standards and have a tensile strength of 5,000lbs and gate strength of 3,600lbs. Both hooks allow for ease of use around construction site scaffolding, I-beams, and concrete structures. Expandable webbing allows for a maximum deployment distance of 48 inches (1.2 meters). User weight capacity ranges from 130-310lbs (includes worker weight, clothing, and tools).
  • WHEN - "To Make a Long Safety Story Short" | The 6 foot (1.8 meters) RATTLER safety lanyard comes completely equipped with an internal shock absorber that makes it a more lightweight fall protection device. Avoid accidents with the double-locking mechanisms and anti-rollout gates on the RATTLER lanyard. Have peace of mind knowing the RATTLER fall protection safety lanyard restraint was designed with your safety in mind!
  • WHERE - "Spill the Safety Beans" | Use the KwikSafety RATTLER positioning lanyard in wet, dry, hot, or cold weather thanks to the high tensile strength and top quality static and dynamic performance. Make the RATTLER a part of your Industrial Safety PPE (personal protection equipment) for jobs/workplaces such as arborists, roofing, climbing, logging, inspection, emergency and rescue services, military, gutter cleaning, and other professional workplaces.

WELKFORDER 6-foot Internal Shock Absorbing Safety Lanyard with Double Snap Hook Connectors ANSI Z359.13-2013 Compliant Fall Protection Equipment (WFL001)
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15 Reviews
Product Highlights
  • WELKFORDER WFL001 6ft Internal Shock Absorbing Lanyards have the fully passed test report performed at authoritative laboratory in accordance with ANSI Z359.13-2013. Applied to Construction, Climbing, Roofing, Camping, Window cleaning,
  • The Internal Shock Absorbers are designed for up to 6-foot free fall applications with a maximum capacity up to 310 lb (141 kg) including clothing, tools, etc. with average arresting force 900lbs. Statically tested with a minimum breaking strength more than 5,000 pounds (22.2 kN).
  • The External Tubular webbing is made of 100% polyester Heavy Duty construction materials provides maximum security with breaking strength: 5000lbs. Applied with Anti-abrasive Hollow Webbing for protecting every connecting ends from abrasion.
  • Forging Snap hooks used on WELKFORDER Internal Shock Absorbing Lanyard marked with the "ANSI Z359.12" standard are forging steel material,self-locking with minimal tensile break strength of 5,000 lb. and a 3,600 lb. gate rating. Should be connected to the dorsal D-ring of the full body harness as a part of a personal fall arrest system.

Guardian Fall Protection 01320 VLA-50 Poly Steel Vertical Lifeline Assembly, 50-Foot
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29 Reviews
Product Highlights
  • Heavy duty 5/8" poly rope
  • Resists cuts and abrasions
  • Attached self locking carabiner
  • Complete assembly includes: shock absorber, positioning device, 18-inch extension lanyard and two double locking snap hooks

$162.96 $79.78
Dual Leg Stretch Lanyard w/Rebar, Fall Arrest Safety Harness Shock Resistant lanyard with energy absorption
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7 Reviews
Product Highlights
  • Quick-Lock ring connector to clip onto the harness
  • Two large eye connectors (2 Inch), with safety clasp for structure anchoring.
  • Energy absorption system with 30mm Polymide webbing and PVC container case reduces the force of impact during fall
  • 6ft overall length

Ergodyne Squids 3700 Web Tool Tail Attachments, 6-Pack, 2 Pounds, Medium Length|4.5
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14 Reviews
Product Highlights
  • Packaged 6 per pack
  • Ultra strength nylon webbing
  • Fully enclosed plated D-ring for secure attachment
  • High tensile strength nylon thread

$8.55 $4.52
Guardian Fall Protection 01280 AWL4-6 Adjustable Non-Shock Absorbing Lanyard from 4-Feet to 6-Feet
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101 Reviews
Product Highlights
  • Ideal for positioning and restraint situations
  • Quickly adjusts from 4 feet to 6 feet
  • No shock absorber included
  • Adjustable length between 4 and 6 feet

$31.40 $27.95

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