These are the top 10 bestselling ceiling fan dusters currently available for purchase.

EVERSPROUT 5-to-14 Foot Flexible Microfiber Ceiling & Fan Duster (20+ Ft. Reach) | Bendable to Clean Any Fan Blade | Removable & Washable Brush Head | 3-Stage Lightweight Aluminum Extension Pole
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140 Reviews $37.99
Product Highlights
  • BENDABLE TO CLEAN ANY HIGH CEILING FAN - Flexible duster is designed to work with any shaped fan blade. Ideal for cleaning high ceilings, blinds, window screens, tall furniture, mounted TV's, and other hard to reach areas.
  • SAVE TIME, NO LADDER - REACH UP TO 18-21 FEET STANDING - Included is Eversprout Extension Pole (5 to 12 ft) and Ceiling Fan Duster (25" x 4" x 1"). Ceiling Fan Duster twists onto 3-Stage Aluminum Extension Pole & extends to any length from 6-to-14 Feet. Reach up to 20 feet when standing.
  • 100% RISK-FREE SATISFACTION GUARANTEE - Buy with confidence. You can rest assured because you will be refunded if your ceiling fan duster doesn't suit your needs. Unmatched customer service that actually listens and wants to help you
  • MICROFIBER CEILING & FAN DUSTER w/ EVERSPROUT EXTENSION POLE - High quality duster built to last because you deserve it. Microfiber Sleeve is removable and machine-washable, keeping it looking and working like brand new.
Estilo Microfiber Ceiling and Fan Duster - Removable and Washable, 4 Section Pole That Extends up to 47 Inches
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682 Reviews $14.99 $11.99
Product Highlights
  • Clean ceiling fans and other hard-to-reach places without chairs or ladders.
  • Handle is extendable from 27 to 47 inches.
  • Brush fits ceiling fan blades up to 6 inches wide.
  • Thousands of fluffy fibers feature Dust Lock Adhesive that trap dust and help reduce allergens; Common inanimate allergens from cat and dog dander and dust mite matter
DocaPole 20 Foot High Reach Dusting Kit with 5-12 Foot Extension Pole // Cleaning Kit Includes 3 Dusting Attachments // Cobweb Duster // Microfiber Duster // Ceiling Fan Duster
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197 Reviews $49.99
Product Highlights
  • THE ULTIMATE HIGH REACH DUSTING KIT - offering up to 20 feet of reach to make your home or office dust free - kit includes a 5 to 12 foot extension pole with 180 degree hinge tip, cobweb duster, microfiber feather duster, and a chenille microfiber flex-and-stay ceiling fan duster
  • GRIP 'N CLEAN SCRATCH-FREE MICROFIBER TECHNOLOGY - ensures effective dust and dirt removal while protecting your cleaning surfaces; clean bookshelves, bookcases, high ceiling fans, pianos, chandeliers and other light fixtures, vaulted ceilings, cathedral ceilings, rafters, high window sills and mantles, and more
  • EASILY WASHABLE DUSTING ATTACHMENTS - both the microfiber feather duster and ceiling fan duster feature removable dusting components for easy washing; the cobweb duster is easily cleaned by rinsing in water and detergent
  • 12 FOOT DOCAPOLE TELESCOPIC POLE - the 5-12 foot high-quality, light-weight aluminum extension pole is a high-quality, premium telescopic pole featuring a solid metal tip + a screw-on
Ettore 32001 Microfiber Ceiling Fan Duster with Extension Pole
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75 Reviews $15.85
Product Highlights
  • Contour shape to fit standard ceiling fan blades with super soft microfiber bristles for easier removable of dust or lint
  • Ergonomic handle and machine washable removable sleeve which makes it easier to maintain
  • Extension pole included; extends to desire length for high reach cleaning
  • Lint free microfiber material; use regularly to prevent dust build up
EVERSPROUT Duster 3-Pack with Extension-Pole (20+ Foot Reach) | Hand-packaged Cobweb Duster, Microfiber Feather Duster, Flexible Microfiber Ceiling & Fan Duster | Aluminum Telescopic Pole
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209 Reviews $53.99
Product Highlights
  • REACH UP TO 20+ FEET STANDING - Safety First, No Ladder Needed! 3-Stage Aluminum Extension Pole & Duster Combo extends to any length from 7-to-14 Feet (18 to 20 foot reach when standing).
  • WHAT'S INCLUDED - (1) Eversprout Extension Pole: 5-to-12 Foot Heavy Duty Extension Pole with 3/4" ACME thread (3-Stage), (1) Cobweb Duster, (1) Flexible Microfiber Ceiling & Fan Duster, (1) Microfiber Feather Duster.
  • 100% RISK-FREE SATISFACTION GUARANTEE - Buy with confidence! With our 100% risk-free satisfaction guarantee you can rest assured you will be refunded if our Duster doesn't suit your needs.
  • HIGH QUALITY DUSTERS BUILT TO LAST. Cleans all surfaces inside and outside: walls, ceilings, high corners, window screens, blinds - great value purchase
Blade Maid Ceiling Fan Cleaning Tool (Complete Package, Pack - 1)
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45 Reviews $23.99
Product Highlights
  • Its pads have dense microfiber chenille "Maid Fingers" and a microfiber base pad that attracts and trap dust and allergens. The patented design easily fit around the fan blade thereby locking the blade in place and ensuring it will not spin away or need to be chased during cleaning.
  • Blade Maid pads are secured by industrial strength Velcro, are removable and washable. Blade Maid pads can be used on all surfaces.
Ceiling Fan Duster (23930)
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525 Reviews $13.49
Product Highlights
  • Clean ceiling fans with ease without climbing on chairs or ladders. Can also be used as a dust mop or duster for hard to reach spots.
  • Double-sided brush removes dust from both sides of the fan blades at once.
  • Duster removes dirt and dust by static electricity.
  • Fits ceiling fan blades measuring up to 6" wide.
Extendable Microfiber Duster Extension Rod | Ceiling Fan Duster 20 Foot Reach | Cobweb 3-Stage Aluminum Telescoping Pole | Lightweight Webster Telescoping Cleaning Tool | U.S. Duster Co.
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166 Reviews $37.77
Product Highlights
  • GREAT SPIDER WEB BRUSH- Allows you to reach high vaulted ceilings and remove cobwebs. Great for dusting cathedral ceilings, ceiling fans and beams.
  • MONEY BACK GUARANTEE - Buy with confidence. You will be refunded if your ceiling fan duster doesn't suit your needs. Unmatched customer service let us work with you. Great Webster Cobweb Duster
  • BENDABLE DUSTER HEAD - This blue microfiber duster head is bendable, making it one of the most versatile dusting tools available.With the extendable pole, you can reach cobwebs on the ceiling.
  • COBWEB DUSTER w/ EXTENSION POLE - High quality, lightweight, easy to use Duster built to last. Perfect for cleaning tall, hard to reach spots inside and outside: ceilings, high corners, shelvs, light fixtures, window screens.
Unger Microfiber Ceiling Fan Duster
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163 Reviews $14.99 $14.54
Product Highlights
  • Cleans all sizes of ceiling fans safely and easily
  • Cleans without harsh chemicals
  • Microfiber attracts and holds dirt and dust like a magnet - more dust than poly dusters
  • Patented C-shaped design cleans both sides of blade at same time
Microfiber Feather Duster with Telescoping Extension Pole | 50'-70' High Reaching Hypoallergenic Dust Cleaner | Flexible Cleaning Head | Extendable Tool for Ceiling Fan, Blinds and Cobweb Removal
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117 Reviews $18.99
Product Highlights
  • CLEAN MORE THOROUGHLY: Get to areas other dusters can't the effortless way. Unlike other cleaners with rigid heads that struggle to dust around corners and tricky spots, our microfiber duster has a cleaning head that is flexible and bendable up to 90°. This means thorough dusting every time.
  • TELESCOPING CONVENIENCE: No more dangerously balancing on stools trying to reach high areas. With an extendable handle that telescopes from 50" to 70", this microfiber feather duster is the best way to clean blinds, lighting fixtures, ceiling fans, framed pictures and clear cobwebs.
  • MAKE WORK EASIER: You'll love the 20" long microfiber head that cleans a large area with every pass. Featuring innovative split fiber technology, it becomes electrostatically charged as you use it, attracting dust, pollen and hairs with ease. Use it wet or dry to get your space spick-and-span.
  • MAINTENANCE MADE SIMPLE: Want to clean the hypoallergenic duster? It couldn't be simpler. Just slide the head off the telescopic wand, soak it in warm water, rinse, and air dry. We've also designed the base of the extending rod with a hanging hole to make storage very space-friendly.

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