These are the top 10 bestselling driveway cleaners currently available for purchase.

Chomp Pull It Out Oil/Stain Remover for Concrete, Grease Remover for Garage Floors & Driveways
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437 Reviews
Product Highlights
  • DEEP PENETRATING FORMULA: Chomp! Pull It Out Concrete Oil Stain Remover uses a deep penetrating formula to lift stains from porous flooring surfaces like concrete and brick. It is effective on oil or petroleum-based stains (transmission fluid, brake fluid, etc.) commonly found on concrete and paver driveways, garage floors, parking lots, and drive-through lanes.
  • SIMPLE & SAFE: Unlike other stain removers that use harmful chemical compounds to attack tough oil and grease stains, Pull It Out stain remover helps to address these problems safely and simply. Although it goes a long way in removing difficult stains from concrete and other porous surfaces, Pull It Out does not contain bleach, acid, or other potentially hazardous materials.
  • EASY TO USE: this cleaning formula is convenient and easy to use. Simply pour a small amount of the formula onto any oily or petroleum-based stain to cover it and allow it to dry. As it dries, the pull it out formula draws out the contamination causing the stain. Once the cleaning formula is dry, you can easily brush it away like chalk dust, revealing a stain-free, safer surface.
  • VERSATILE FORMULA: concrete make up varies widely and oil stains may require different cleaning techniques. Pull it Out utilizes a 'poultice' technology and is effective across the widest variety of concrete conditions and types.

Concrete and Driveway Cleaner by TERMINATOR-HSD (2 LB)
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244 Reviews
Product Highlights
  • REMOVE Oil Stains on Driveway, Street, Garage
  • Easy-to-Use Waterless Concrete Cleaner - NO SCRUBBING!
  • Oil Stain Remover and Grease Stain Remover
  • Concrete Cleaner and Driveway Cleaner for Oil Stains

SIMPLE GREEN Oxy Solve Concrete and Driveway Pressure Washer Concentrate 1 Gal.
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17 Reviews
Product Highlights
  • Meets the rigorous criteria of the U.S. EPA's Safer Choice Program
  • Safer, non-toxic and biodegradable formula
  • Uses the natural power of peroxide for high-performance cleaning and stain removal
  • Lifts off tough tree sap, grease and oils from driveways and walkways

Simple Green 18202 Concrete and Driveway Cleaner, 1 Gallon Bottle
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103 Reviews
Product Highlights
  • Simple Green concrete and driveway cleaner is specially formulated to remove oil, grease and grime from concrete surfaces and driveway areas
  • It removes most tough stains and discolorations (not caused by dyes), and is non-corrosive and non-degrading
  • This powerful new formula was developed to be used with pressure washing systems or to be used for manual cleaning of concrete walkways, patios, driveways, sidewalks - any concrete surface
  • Removes oil, grease, grime, and most stains and discolorations

ACT Microbial Concrete Cleaner - 2.5lbs - Commercial and Residential - Remove Oil Grease Animal and Mildew Stains - Perfect For Your Driveway Garage or Warehouse - Bio-Remediates and is Eco-friendly
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29 Reviews
Product Highlights
  • REMOVE OIL STAINS Our 2.5lb ACT Patented Bioremediation Microbial Concrete Cleaner oil stains.
  • DESTROY PET URINE STAINS our USDA Biopreferred, Best Dry Concrete Cleaner Pet Urine.
  • SET IT AND FORGET IT Eco-Friendly EPA Tested. Completely safe for use around animals and children.
  • CONCRETE CLEANER DEGREASER that helps prevent spread of contaminants into drains and water supplies

Wet and Forget 10587 1 Gallon Moss, Mold and Mildew Stain Remover
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1,245 Reviews
Product Highlights
  • Non-caustic, Non-acidic, Contains no bleach
  • Safe on any outdoor surface
  • One step process. For concrete, brick, stucco, aluminum, painted surfaces, siding, decking, roofs and more
  • No scrubbing or rinsing required

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Concrete and Driveway Cleaner by TERMINATOR-HSD (10oz)
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137 Reviews
Product Highlights
  • Highest concentration product on the market - GUARANTEED!
  • Concrete Cleaner / Driveway Cleaner
  • Easy-to-Use Waterless Concrete Cleaner - NO SCRUBBING!
  • Oil Stain Remover / Grease Stain Remover

Rust-Oleum 301243 Cleaner and Degreaser, 1 Gallon
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4 Reviews
Product Highlights
  • Heavy-duty, multi-purpose cleaner/degreaser for residential and commercial applications thoroughly cleans surfaces and remove contaminates
  • Use before coating concrete surfaces to promote adhesion of paints, stains and sealers
  • Environmentally safe cleaner will not harm grass or plants and covers 200 sq. Ft. Per gal
  • Durable cleaner breaks down Oil, grease, dirt, tire marks and stains in concrete prior to application of coatings

Oil Eater  Original 1 Gallon Cleaner/Degreaser
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695 Reviews
Product Highlights
  • Safely dissolves grease and oils on most everything, product contains no acids, abrasive or petroleum solvents and is water based and biodegradable so safe for all uses -even in septic systems
  • Non-toxic, non-corrosive, non-hazardous, USDA approved for non-food surfaces, call the toll free help line at 1-800-528-0334 for professional cleaning advice
  • Concentrated product, use dilution chart on each bottle to achieve maximum product performance and value
  • Household uses : laundry prespot, floors, carpets, tub/tile, grills, decks, asphalt and concrete driveways, stoves, boat hulls, white wall tires, siding and more

EXIMO Waterless Concrete Cleaner - 12 oz.
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89 Reviews
Product Highlights
  • EXIMO is an all natural waterless cleaner that uses a time-driven process and nature's own biochemistry to completely remove unsightly petroleum stains from concrete.
  • EXIMO actually breaks down the hydrocarbon chain of petroleum stains deep within the pores of the concrete and restores the surface to its original appearance.
  • EXIMO is environmentally safe and requires no water. Through an all-natural process called bioremediation, the microorganisms in EXIMO breakdown and consume the hydrocarbons into water and carbon dioxide.
  • Green, biodegradable, safe for family, pets and the environment


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