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Tired Of Losing Your Wi-Fi Connection? Mesh Wi-Fi Fixes That!

There’s nothing more irritating than trying to watch your favorite Netflix show and experiencing interruptions because of poor Wi-Fi signal strength. But how can you fix this problem so no matter where you’re at in your home, you’ll have fast internet speeds?

In the past, the answer was Wi-Fi extenders. However, a new technology, known as Mesh Wi-Fi Systems, is quickly becoming the more popular option to rid your home of dead spots. This is mostly because of how easy these systems are to set up with little to no quirks or problems.

How is Mesh Wi-Fi Different Than a Wi-Fi Extender?

One big thing that many people don’t realize about mesh Wi-Fi is that it’s actually meant to replace your current router – not work alongside it. This is an important distinction between the two. Wi-Fi extenders simply “extend”, or boost, the signal coming from your router to fill dead spots, where as Mesh Wi-Fi systems create a whole new network that’s separate from your existing network.

Another difference (and advantage, in our opinion) is that most mesh Wi-Fi systems can be configured through a smartphone app rather than trying to fumble through complicated router settings. This makes the whole setup and configuration process much simpler.

Traditional Wi-Fi extenders are only capable of communicating with the primary router. This means that they can’t communicate with each other. However, a mesh Wi-Fi system is entirely made up of router-esque devices. This means that they can all communicate with each other. What’s the advantage of this, you ask? Well, since all of the devices can communicate with each other they’re able to provide the absolute best coverage possible.

Since most of the devices in these systems have multiple radios, you may actually get faster speeds through a set up like this as well. This is because one radio in the device is typically used to “talk” to the other devices in the network. Then another radio is used to communicate with your devices. With each radio having a specific function, many people experience faster internet speeds since there’s no “bottle-necking”.

Downsides of Using a Mesh Wi-Fi System

The primary downside of using a mesh Wi-Fi system is the cost. Systems like this are usually more expensive than your typical extenders. In fact, some systems can be hundreds of dollars. However, this is worth it to many individuals because of how much better the system runs than typical extenders.

Second, most mesh systems don’t come with nearly as many fancy and advanced features as a traditional router does. Nicer systems do come with their own sets of cool features though. For instance, many systems have features like guest networks, restricted access, and parental controls.

Why Should You Get a Mesh Wi-Fi System?

Just like we mentioned earlier in this review, if you want to get rid of all of the spots in your home with poor signal strength, mesh Wi-Fi systems are your best option. They do a much better job at boosting your signal strength than traditional signal extenders, and many report faster internet speeds without having to pay for faster internet.

In our opinion, getting a system like this is truly a no-brainer if you’re serious about your internet usage. If set up correctly (which is made super easy by the smartphone apps these networks use), you can say goodbye to lagging video games and frequent interruptions of your Netflix binge sessions.

Plus, in the grand scheme of the tech world, they’re not terribly expensive. Yes, they’re more costly than typical Wi-Fi extenders. But if you can manage to get faster speeds without paying for better internet, these systems can pay for themselves. However, that’s something that’s not guaranteed and will vary on a house-by-house basis.

Final Verdict

For those who aren’t frequent or heavy Wi-Fi users, this may be overkill. That goes for people with a small home as well. Regardless, anyone will benefit from buying a mesh Wi-Fi system. You just have to ask yourself if it’s worth it, and that’s a question only you can answer.

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