These are the top 10 bestselling projector alarm clocks currently available for purchase.

PICTEK Projection Alarm Clock, 5'' Large Curved LED Display, 6 Dimmer, Dual Alarms, 15 FM Radio Clock, Digital Alarm Clock Projection on Ceiling, Bedroom, USB Phone Charger, Sleep Timer, Snooze
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10 Reviews
Product Highlights
  • Ultra-clear Ceiling / Wall Projection Display The 180° swivel projector projects clear time onto your wall or ceiling. This alarm clock projection on ceiling guarantees ultra-clear and large time display without checking your phone. The projection brightness is 4-level adjustable(OFF-Dim-Medium-Bright). Note: Long press the "Project" button can flip projection view upside down 180°.
  • 5" Large LED Screen& 6 Time BrightnessPICTEK 5 inch LED projection clock for bedrooms adopts the most fashionable sleek curved screen, perfect gift for kids and seniors.This dimmable alarm clock with 6 adjustable screen brightness enables you to customize the screen time display for day and night use.
  • Dual Alarms with Snooze FunctionDual alarms can separate your waking-up time from your partner. Snooze function of this projection alarm clock gives you 9 Extra minutes sleep before alerting you again. There are 4 optional alarm sounds and 3 adjustable volume levels. This smart atomic projection clock can wake you up comfortably.
  • 15 FM Radios with Sleep TimerPictek digital alarm clock radio can remember up to 15 FM preset stations (FM: 87.5-108.0MHz). 33-inch antenna ensures better signal reception. The sleep timer function allows you to fall asleep to the radio within 90 minutes( customerized). Radio will automatically turn off after the specified time.

PICTEK Projection Alarm Clock, 5'' LED Curved-Screen, 3-Level Dimmer, 12/24H, Easy Operation, USB Phone Charging Port, Snooze, 120° Rotatable Projector, Digital Alarm Clock for Bedroom Kid (Red)
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13 Reviews
Product Highlights
  • [3 Levels of Brightness] Our projection Alarm Clock offers 3 adjustable brightness levels: dim, medium and bright. The dimmable display ensures that you are not bothered during the night and the bright mode offers you a clear and luminous view of time even in the sheer sunlight.
  • [120° Rotable Projeciton Display] No need to turn your head to check the time. Our digital clock offers a clear projection from a distance up to 5 meters. The projection ankle is adjustable from -30° to 60°, and the display 180° reversible, adapting to different directions and ensures an easy and upright vision of time.
  • [USB Charging Port] The projection alarm clock has a USB charging port for mobile phones. Now you can enjoy the convenience of having your devices charged alongside your alarm clock while you sleep.
  • [Snooze & Power-off Memory] Featuring the snooze function, the digital alarm clock gives you 9 minutes quick extra sleep. With a backup battery(invisible and non-removable) the clock keeps the internal time setting in the case of a power outage.

Projection Alarm Clock, 7” Large Digital LED Display & Dimmer, Dual Alarms, USB Charger, Adjustable Alarm Volume, 12/24 H, DST, Battery Backup for Bedrooms Ceiling Wall Home Kitchen Desk, Kids Elders
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87 Reviews
Product Highlights
  • 180° ADJUSTABLE ANGLE & ULTRA-CLEAR PROJECTIONEspecially designed with 180° adjustable swivel projector, Mesqool alarm clock projects ultra-clear time onto wall or ceiling, allowing you easily read it even lying on the bed. For further guarantee the clarity of projection image, you can also rotate focus ring of the ceiling clock to proper angle. NOTE: 1. The projecting distance is 1.6-11.4ft. 2. Just repeatedly press "PROJECTION" button to flip projection view upside down 180.
  • 7'' LARGE ULTRA-CLEAR DISPLAY & DIMMER & 12/24 H DST7'' Ultra-Large display of the ceiling projection alarm clock enables you to easily view the time even across the room. If you want to operate the brightness settings according to your personal preference, just pick from High-Medium-Low by repeatedly pressing "DIMMER" button. Hole press "DST" button to switch DST function. And you can also change 12/24 H time format by "12/24 H" button according to your habits.
  • DUAL ALARMS & SNOOZE & ADJUSTABLE VOLUMEThe projection alarm clock makes it possible to set two separate wake-up times for you and your partners at the same day. You can choose your favorite wake-up mode, Alarm l or Alarm 2. The Snooze button on top of clock offers you extra 9 mins of sleep before alerting you again. NOTES: Alarm volume (Level 1-15) can be adjusted to your preference by "V+" or "V-" buttons and the sounds is incrementally louder, it will not scare you awake from sweet sleep.
  • USB CHARGING PORT & OUTLET POWERED & BATTERY BACKUP SETTINGSWith 5V/1.0A USB output interface, the projector clock is very convenient for charging Android and iOS cellphones, tablets. Wake-up with fully-charged phone is amazing for you. AC power(input power 100-240V) is required for all functions work, 2pcs AAA batteries backup for time-setting & alarm-setting in case of power outage.

$39.99 $23.99
Magnasonic Projection Alarm Clock with AM/FM Radio, Battery Backup, Auto Time Set, Dual Alarm & 3.5mm Audio Input
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10,999 Reviews
Product Highlights
  • Feature-rich alarm clock radio that offers a large, crystal clear 3.6" blue LCD display that can be dimmed to adjust to your brightness preference
  • Project time or even temperature onto your walls or ceiling so that the time will always be in full view. 180-degree swivel projection means you'll never have to roll over to view the time again.
  • Automatically adjusts to Daylight Savings Time & includes pre-programmable daily dual alarm option with weekend cancellation for you and your partner - wake to radio, buzzer, time projection
  • Listen to your favorite music using your iPhone, iPad, Android, or MP3 device through the 3.5mm AUX input or using the built in AM/FM radio with digital tuning

$49.99 $29.98
Electrohome USB Charging Alarm Clock Radio with Time Projection, Battery Backup, Auto Time Set, Dual Alarm, 1.2' LED Display for Smartphones & Tablets (EAAC475)
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3,673 Reviews
Product Highlights
  • High-speed USB charging compatible with all smartphones, tablets, mobile phones & mp3 players
  • SelfSet technology automatically detects the correct time/date & WakeUp battery backup sounds alarm even during power loss
  • Long-lasting battery backup immediately restores alarm & clock settings in case of power failure (lithium battery included)
  • Large 1.2" LED display with 180-degree swivel time projection for walls & ceilings

Dr. Prepare Projection Alarm Clock, Digital Clock Projector on Ceiling with Indoor/Outdoor Temperature Display, Dual Alarms, Snooze, Colored Backlight, Weather Forecast, and Battery Backup for Bedroom
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53 Reviews
Product Highlights
  • LARGE & COLORFUL LCD SCREENComes with a large colorful backlit LCD screen, this projection alarm clock displays time, outdoor/indoor temperature (min/max readings included, in °C/°F), humidity, and more in clear digits. 4 levels of brightness are available for comfortable viewing experience.
  • FULLY-ADJUSTABLE PROJECTIONAdjust the clock projector forwards/backwards, change between 2-level brightness of projection, and reverse projection in 180° to achieve maximum clarity. Easily tell time and obtain temperature readings with optimal projection distance between 3.3 and 10 feet.
  • DUAL ALARMS & SNOOZESet 2 separate alarms and choose various alarm schedule (weekdays/weekends/a full week) for making flexible day plans. Meanwhile, the built-in preset snooze timer allows you to sleep for extra 5-60 minutes. Don't worry, alarms will last 2 minutes with increased volume to wake you up.
  • AUTO TIME SETTINGThis projection alarm clock automatically receives radio signals to calibrate time at 1:00 / 2:00 / 3:00 a.m. or after rebooting or replacing new batteries. Manual time setting is available as well.

OnLyee Projection Ceiling Wall Clock, AM FM Radio Alarm Clock, 7” LED Digital Desk/Shelf Clock with Dimmer, USB Charging, AC Powered and Battery Backup for Bedroom, Kitchen, Kids
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854 Reviews
Product Highlights
  • AM FM RADIO WITH SLEEP TIMER: With a store of 10 AM stations (520-1710Khz) and 10 FM stations(87.5-108Mhz), OnLyee Projection Clock enables you to set 2 separate wake-up alarms and choose buzzer or radios as the alarm sound as you like. The antenna at the back of the clock can be extended to strengthen radio signal, allowing you to listen to music, news, weather forecast. The sleep timer function allows you to fall asleep to the radio within 90, 80,70,60,50,40,30,20,10 minutes.
  • 180° ADJUSTABLE PROJECTION WITH FOCUS CONTROL: Designed with 180° adjustable projector, you can easily read the time while lying in the bed as the clock projects ultra-clear time onto ceiling or wall within the optimum projection distance which is 1.6-8.2ft(0.5-2.5m). Projected in a soft blue color on ceiling, it is very clear to view but will not disturb your sleep.
  • 7" LED DISPLAY WITH 3 DIMMER:7Inch ultra-large display is easy to read especially for kids and the elder people. In case of been disturbed by the light of the clock, this alarm clock is designed with 3 dimming levels, you can operate the brightness settings according to your preference.
  • OUTLET POWERED&USB CHARGING&BATTERY BACKUP: The clock is outlet powered for supporting functions such as USB charging,radio,projection,alarm and time display.Two AAA 1.5V batteries(not included) are required to ensure memorization of time settings so that you don't need to reset time after encountering power outage. USB charging port is compatible with all Android & IOS smart-phones, tablets, Kindle or any other digital devices(an appropriate cable switch is required).

$39.99 $26.99
Dual Alarm Digital FM Clock Radio | Time Projection, 8 Relaxing Nature Sounds, LED Display, Multi-Alarm | Snooze, Sleep Timer, Nightlight, Ceiling Clock | SoundSpa HoMedics
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594 Reviews
Product Highlights
  • 2 IN 1 ALARM CLOCK & WHITE NOISE MACHINE: This clock doubles as a Digital FM Clock Radio as well as a White Noise Sound Machine. Choose to wake up from your favorite radio station, peaceful nature sounds or a beep tone. Set two different alarms for you and your partner!
  • LED TIME PROJECTION: This Clock Radio projects the time in a soothing blue light. It features a swivel projector that can tilt to your desired level. Don't want the LED light projector? No problem! You can choose to turn the projector on/off.
  • 8 PEACEFUL NATURE SOUNDS: Choose from 8 digitally recorded relaxing sounds: Ocean, White Noise, Brook, Rainforest, Thunder, Rain, Fan, Campfire. The SoundSpa's sounds are designed to mimic the natural environment to provide the most relaxing sleep experience possible
  • AUTOMATIC TIME SET & DST ADJUSTMENT: The HoMedics Time Projection Radio automatically adjusts to Daylight Savings Time. It features an advanced automatic time setting technology that automatically displays the correct time and date!

$39.99 $27.90
Mesqool 7' Projection Alarm Clock for Bedrooms, Ceiling, Kitchen, Desk, Shelf, Wall, Travel, Home - AM FM Radio, 3 Dimmer, Dual Alarm, USB Charging Port, Outlet Powered & Battery Backup Setting
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2,649 Reviews
Product Highlights
  • CHILL WITH AM/FM RADIO & PRESET 20 RADIO STATIONS & SLEEP TIMER-- enjoy a digital AM/FM Radio by choosing from a wide range of free music, talk shows, sports, stories, morning talk shows, broadcasts, weather forecast, traffic and much more((AM radio frequency:520-1710Khz,FM Radio frequency:87.5-108MHz). You can also preset 10AM and 10FM stations for quick and easy access next time.with sleep timer 90-80-70-60-50-40-30-20-10 minutes listening duration,will auto off after the specified timer.
  • 180° ADJUSTABLE ANGLE & ULTRA-CLEAR PROJECTION---The 180-degree swivel projector Project clear and non-obtrusive time onto your walls or ceiling, guarantee clear and cool view of the time even laying on the bed.You can rotate the projection in both directions and flip the orientation so the numbers are always right-side-up. additionally designed with focus dial to adjust clarity of projection numbers as well.
  • SLEEK 7'' DISPLAY & DIMMER & OUTLET POWERED and BATTERY BACKUP SETTING --- 7" Ultra-Large White LED display is easy to read without putting glasses on from far distance. pick from 3 optional dimming levels by pressing DIMMER button to get comfortable brightness without disturbing you while sleeping connect your cellphone to the USB port at night and wake up with fully charged in the morning.AC powered not battery operated,batteries only backup time and alarm setting when power outage.
  • DUAL ALARMS & RADIO or BUZZER SOUND & 15 LEVEL ADJUSTABLE ALARM VOLUME ---This amazing digital alarm clock features convenient different dual alarms for you and your partner. Allowing you to set alarms by Waking to a predefined buzzer sound or radio sound , Optional alarm vlolme LEVEL 1 - LEVEL 15 for you to set as your preference,especially the loudest alarm volume LEVEL15 (80DB) is designed for heavy sleepers. alarm rings incrementally louder, it will not scare you awake from sweet sleep.

$26.99 $19.99
SMARTRO Projection Alarm Clock Digital Clock with Indoor Thermometer Hygrometer, USB Charger, Dual Alarm Clocks for Bedrooms, Travel, AC & Battery Operated
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41 Reviews
Product Highlights
  • TEMPORARY OR PERMANENT TIME PROJECTION: When the digital alarm clock is operated by AAA batteries (not included), by pressing the top button to turn on the backlit LCD screen and projection for a few seconds. When using the 5V power adapter, the backlit and projection will always light on. Simply press the snooze button to adjust the 3 brightness mode for backlit , light - medium - out. The USB socket can be used as a charger for mobile device.
  • PROJECTION CLOCK: The time projection on ceiling or wall are easy to see throughout the room. The suggested distance of projection is 3.3 ~ 9.8 ft (1 ~ 3 m). Time projected in a soft red color, the projection can be reversed 90 degrees. It is very convenient to view and will not disturb your sleeping in bedroom. Ideal small alarm clock for kids.
  • INDOOR ROOM THERMOMETER & HYGROMETER GAUGE: Equipped with professional grade sensors, the thermometer and humidity monitor for house provides most accurate measurements, displayed with indoor temperature and humidity, allows you to be aware if adjustments are necessary. Perfect alarm clocks for bedrooms, keeps you and your family's living conditions optimal.
  • DUAL ALARMS WITH SNOOZE FUNCTION: Set two separate alarms for different purposes. With snooze function, this alarm clock allows you to get extra five minutes' sleep time. 2 minutes loud ringing, best alarm clock for heavy sleepers. Press any key except the top button to stop the alarm, the alarm will automatically stay on for next day.

$29.99 $19.99

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