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Luigi's Sink and Drain Plunger for Bathrooms, Kitchens, Sinks, Baths and Showers. Small and Powerful, Commercial Style 'Plumbers Plunger' with Large Bellows
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204 Reviews
Product Highlights
  • IT CLEARS SINK BLOCKAGES FAST - Place the large opening over your clogged plug pump it two times. You'll clear more in 10 seconds than any other type of plunger. Promise
  • IT CLEARS SLOW AND BLOCKED DRAINS: Slow draining showers and baths are a common problem, Luigi's plunger fixes it - every time. Apply over the drain even when your shower tray is full and within a few pumps, the cause of the blockage will be removed.
  • HEAVY DUTY: The power comes from you pressing down on the bellows when it's over the plug, forcing the trapped air down the plughole. This is the same method as a traditional plunger, but with a much greater (8x) volume of air being forced down.
  • EASY TO CLEAN: Made with 100 percent recycled PVC. When you're done just spray it with bleach and run it under the tap/shower. The head is removable for easy storage.

Liquid-Plumr 670040 Mini Sink and Drain Plunger, Gray
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113 Reviews
Product Highlights
  • Compact design clears clogs fast
  • The liquid plumr mini sink & drain plunger is the perfect tool for unclogging sinks and drains
  • Non-slip grip handle makes our plunger easy to use
  • Plunger diameter is 5 inches

$7.41 $7.37
Samshow Sink Plunger - Sink and Drain Plunger for Kitchens, Bathrooms, Sinks, Baths, Waste Pipes and Showers. Heavy-Duty, Powerful
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4 Reviews
Product Highlights
  • Natural Material - we use a natural 100% recycled PVC , At Samshow, it's important for us to use materials which help to Environmental protection
  • Professional Bellows Plunger - Best choose for clogged sink and drain,it provides more concentrated power than traditional plungers.
  • Easy to use and clean - This bellows plunger utilizes the water in your sink and drain to aid in plunging and provide maximum plunging power with minimal effort
  • Multi-functional: This plunger works on all types of clogs for kitchen sink and bath room sink and drain.

$18.99 $9.99
Samshow Toilet Plunger Powerful High Pressure Multi Drain Plunger Suitable for Bathroom,Toilet,Bathtubs,Showers(New Update)
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175 Reviews
Product Highlights
  • Widely Used --- Fits all toilet, Kohler, TOTO, American Standard, and all others ,with bonus of small heads suit for bath sink ,kitchen sinks .
  • Update Version --- Big sucker can be used in reverse to get more suction ---- with 304 Stainless steel handle , its more durable than other Market version ,and get more seal when using.
  • Easy to Use --- with Humanize handle ,and 2 Interchangeable Rubber Plunger Heads.
    with power of Vacuumize the air inside the clogged pipes to produce a strong air pressure,
    make you easier and healthier by clearing away tough clogs without the use of harsh chemicals
  • Natural Material --- we use a natural rubber, ABS Material , At Samshow, it's important for us to use materials that are safe to be around
    the whole family.

$26.99 $16.74
Items 4U! Small Compact Sink Plunger with Ergonomic Handle, 1-pack
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54 Reviews
Product Highlights
  • ERGONOMIC HANDLE: Compact design makes plunger easier to use than the standard plunger for clogged sinks.
  • CONVENIENT DESIGN: Compact for you to use in your bathroom or kitchen sink.
  • HIGH GRADE RUBBER GASKET: Works on most standard-sized sinks.
  • HYGIENIC: Keep your toilet and sink plungers separate.

LDR 512 3110 Handy Sink Plunger, 4-Inch Cup With 9-Inch Solid Plastic Handle
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108 Reviews
Product Highlights
  • Ideal sink plunger for kitchen, laundry tubs, bath tubs or bath sinks
  • Short plunger with 9-Inch handle stows easily under most sinks
  • 4-Inch rubber cup plunges most sink drains clear of nasty clogged mess
  • Durable plastic handle and rubber cup many years of long use

$11.75 $5.39
MINTCRAFT 8317-B Mint Craft Drain Plunger 4' Black
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379 Reviews
Product Highlights
  • Black plunger
  • Nine inch wooden handle
  • Force cup plunger

$12.03 $5.33
WM Harvey William Harvey 090360 Designer Sink Plunger 4' Blue
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201 Reviews
Product Highlights
  • 4" cup
  • 10" clear handle
  • Easy to clean

G.T. Water Products, Inc. MPS4 Master Plunger Shorty, Black
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499 Reviews
Product Highlights
  • The product is highly durable and easy to use
  • Easy installation and easy handling
  • Incorporates exclusive patented bellows to unclog sinks, floor drains
  • Versatile

Toilet Plunger Air Drain Blaster Pump Uses Air Pressure to Clear Unclog Clogged Drains in Kitchen Bathroom Sinks, Shower Stalls, Bathtubs, Without Toxic Chemicals Liquids for Open Drains Only
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44 Reviews
Product Highlights
  • EASY TO USE - REQUIRES NO MAINTENANCE. Easy to use when there are no facets or sink fittings blocking the way. The bathroom & kitchen sink plunger small is a heavy duty plunger that does not need any maintenance except for normal cleaning with water. The toilet plungers heavy duty are a plumbers hero that is better than a plumbing snake and it is an essential tool in any home or office as clogged drain hair remover and for unblocking stuck drains.
  • NATURAL & SAFE TO USE AROUND YOUR FAMILY. The elongated toilet plunger, shower tub plunger, clogged drain tool cleaner is a drain gun sink pump that used pump action compressed air to push and clear clogs in toilet bows, sinks, shower. We use a natural rubber that is tough and durable in our air plunger, being safe to use around the whole family.
  • FOR USE ON OPEN DRAIN HOLES WITHOUT STOPPERS. BE SAFER AND AVOID USING HARSH HARMFUL TOXIC CHEMICALS TO CLEAR CLOGS, INSTEAD USE AIR PRESSURE. The toilet plunger uses pump air pressure and force air down the drains of any sink, bathtub, bathroom shower, toilet with just a few pumps. One of the best toilet plungers for bathroom and kitchen you can have. Uses only air pressure, NO NEED FOR TOILET UNCLOGGER LIQUID and protects your health from any toxic, caustic, smelling chemicals or liquids.
  • 2 SIZE INTERCHANGEABLE HEADS ONE FOR SINKS, BATHTUBS, OPEN DRAIN HOLES, AND ANOTHER FOR TOILETS, SHOWER STALLS. Includes 2 sizes of air drain blaster plunger heads - Choose Size from small size about 2.5" diameter for sink drains, bathtub drains, or use large one about 5.9" diameter for toilet bowls, shower stall drains and other larger drain openings. The 2 in 1 shower plunger and sink plunger bathroom is one of the best drain plunger. Ensure header cups are tightly screwed onto plunger

$24.95 $16.97

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